Lists and Tuples

Both of them actually are lists, but the difference is that a tuple can’t be modified after creation wheras a list can (e.g. add, remove, change values, sorting). They look like the following:

So what is the point in creating a tuple when a list seems to be more flexibe anyway?

One reason is that tuples are generated faster and can be iterated faster than a normal Python list. So if you want to make sure that the list will not be change or you know it doesn’t have to be changed anyway you would use a tuple to increase the performance of your code. An example to use them would be this, but make sure the positions of the numbers won’t change:

As normally lists are used more frequently I want to show you the basic operations as how to add and remove elements from it.


Soccer supports more the concept of a list, because every player, every coach and every manager is replaceable and will be replaced if the success isn’t enough. An example for the usage of a tuple might be the years of titles won, because they won’t be modified anymore.

To get a broader overview of the topic I can recommend this video:


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